How Businesses Can Champion Renewable Energy

The fight against climate change requires a united front, and clear communication is a key weapon in the arsenal. In 2021, the Climate Group and RE-Source joined forces to create the Communicators for Change Taskforce, a group specifically aimed at empowering senior communications professionals to promote the benefits of renewable energy.

This taskforce isn’t just about championing a cause; it’s about sharing best practices and fostering collaboration. Members, including industry giants like Bosch and Nestlé, come together to discuss challenges, exchange ideas, and develop effective communication strategies for the renewable energy sector.

One of the key resources they’ve produced is a Best Practice Manual, which offers valuable insights on how businesses can communicate their renewable energy journey and strategy to a diverse audience.

But the need for effective communication extends beyond the taskforce. Here are some key trends in energy communication for 2021:

  • Highlight Innovation: Consumers are eager to learn about new products, partnerships, and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies, especially at the local level.
  • Embrace Public Advocacy: Building public support is crucial for advancing renewable energy initiatives. Companies should acknowledge the importance of public sentiment and actively engage in advocacy efforts.

Finding helpful resources is also essential. The RE-Communicate Platform serves as a one-stop shop for industry professionals. This platform offers a variety of resources, including events, forums, a comprehensive website database, and links to valuable campaign materials.

Finally, the conversation around nuclear energy is evolving. As public perception shifts, clear and concise communication strategies become even more important for companies in the nuclear sector. Adapting messaging to reflect the changing public outlook will be critical for the revival of nuclear energy.

By prioritizing clear communication and embracing these trends, businesses can play a vital role in driving the shift towards a more sustainable future.

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